Mathias Jørgensen - Motocross

FB_IMG_1500366242633.jpgMathias Jørgensen - Motocross

A Danish top driver who has also chosen to drive the Swedish Championships in Sweden.

With good qualifications from the Danish championships, he has a chance at good placements in Sweden.

Henrik Isaksson - Drifting

12991010_243291296021911_1054823609375660389_n.jpgHenrik Isaksson Drift Team Consists of Owner Henrik and his completely rebuilt Toyota Supra with V8 at 1164 HP.

In 2015, Henrik placed 7th in the Drifting SM.

We look forward to following Henrik and his development in the future

Kevin Yrjövaara Dragracing

kevin-3.jpgDriver:Kevin Yrjövaara
Engine:V8 Cheva Big Block 555
Car:Mullis 2008, 700 KG, Top Speed 311KM/H on 402 meters


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