Fleet-Tec-Flamingo-Cut-out.jpgWork environment policy for Fleet Tec AB


Fleet Tec's main business includes sales of Filters and brokerage of hazardous waste from the Swedish

market in an efficient and environmentally sound manner, mainly for recycling. Fleet Tec sees the environmental work as

an important means of competition and should therefore be a natural part of our work.

Current legislation and regulations are fundamental to Fleet Tec.

Fleet Tec's environmental work is conducted in close collaboration with all relevant interests (Personnel, authorities, etc.)

We have a high ambition in developing the products that Fleet Tec provides and we provide environmental alternatives where possible.


This business does not involve any major work environment risks, and we meet the requirements for the business that

set out in laws and government regulations. We are aware of our work environment responsibility and monitor

this responsibility so that we live up to regulations and applicable standards by a good margin.


The work environment in Fleet Tec AB shall not expose employees to ill health or accidents, and the work environment in our

workplace must be good with regard to the nature of the work.


A pleasant and desirable work environment is an environment that is so good that every employee is happy and

developed in their work. It is also an environment that involves an absence of risks. Therefore, one should be honest and open

attitude prevails in the workplace, and all employees must be given the opportunity to influence their own

the work situation. We see a good and pleasant work environment as one of the prerequisites for us to be able to

be productive and competitive, and have greater opportunities to recruit new qualified employees.


Managers and supervisors are responsible for such work environment and external environmental issues that are directly affected by them

different decisions they make. It is the responsibility to create such a good working environment and exterior within its powers

environment as possible, and the immediate superior should be informed when the powers are insufficient.


Also, each employee must in the daily work show a personal responsibility for health and the environment, then it

It is up to everyone to be aware of and immediately report any risks or threats to one

good working environment and towards the external environment. Each employee's responsibility also includes following the instructions

and routines established for work environment reasons.


In the case of new investments, new or remodeling or other changes in the business, the work environment and

environmental issues are discussed, the risks are examined and the consequences are assessed in collaboration with the employees.

In this way, measures can and must subsequently be taken to prevent adverse effects and

minimize risks to the work environment and external environment.


Some work environment problems may be of such a nature that technical, medical or psychosocial expertise is needed

and in such a case the necessary measures shall be taken as far as possible.


This environmental policy must be well known within the company and for customers and the outside world in general.

Fleet Tec always strives for openness.


Fleet Tec's environmental policy is updated as necessary.

Quality management system

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