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Övertrycksaggregat Hyttventilation

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Best. nr FL-BM037220 Netto -

Filter pressure system MAO-3


Weight 24kg without filters
Dimensions 536x379x529mm (LxBxH)
Filter capacity 41 litres
Air output nominally 40-120m³ per hour
Gasfiltering possible with minimum 10 kg active carbon filter
Dust filtering Self-cleaning HEPA filter (P1/G3-P3/H13)
Voltage 24/12 Volts
Max. power consumption 12 or 15 Ampere
Inclusive mounting material
Material Stainless Steel / Plastic
Finish Pickled
Coarse filter Yes (integrated)
Multiple discharge options Yes
Separate compartment filters harmful substances Yes


Specially designed for the increasing demand for compact and smart systems. Under the modern, robust, plastic housing is a uniquely shaped self-cleaning HEPA filter with incomparable capacity. A compact, full carbon filter can also be installed within this unique concept. The new dimensions generate a filter contact time that is superior to the current products in the market. Hazardous substances and vapors do not stand a chance!

The MAO-3 Cab Guard comes standard with the new PAC Smart Control. All data can be read clearly on the 3.5′ high resolution LCD display. With fully automatic filter communication and intuitive operation, the operator can easily send all relevant information via QR code with their own smartphone to the safety manager, project manager or employer. Filter types, serial numbers and events are continuously monitored and securely stored in the standard datalogging module. The PAC Smart Control is IoT ready, which also allows real-time data transfer.

With the new generation of BMAir products, you can manage your supply of filtered cabin air without difficulty or worry!

Patents used for the BMAir MAO-3 Cab Guard
Filter recognition:
Thanks to communication by means of patented filter recognition, the machine driver or safety expert can easily see on the display which type of filters are installed and how many hours these will theoretically last. This means it is no longer necessary to manually open the pressurised filter system, which reduces the risk of contact with pollutants and/or toxic substances to a minimum.

Bottom suction:
The air is sucked through the under-side of the system. Thanks to the vibration of the system and gravity, the coarser dust particles fall down immediately instead of accumulating in the filter. The result is a filter with a longer lifespan.

The MAO-3 in a nutshell
Robust plastic finish
 Self-cleaning angleless HEPA filter
Full-fledged integral carbon filter with high contact time
Filter information and hour readings through proven RFID
Longlife brushless digital fan motor
Durable stainless steel chassis
Easy mounting due to compact base plate
Includes BMAir PAC Smart Control



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